Statement of policy

 Statement of Policy


     It is the policy of the Board of Education for the Hudson City Schools that the Explorer, the official school-sponsored publication of Hudson High School, is a paper run for students by students. The Explorer is dedicated to excellence in producing a high quality, professional, and diverse publication to which the entire student body can relate. 

     The Explorer also provides an open forum for students to express their ideas and opinions on current topics in the school, community, and nation.

     The editorial board will determine the content of the newspaper and all unsigned editorials; therefore, material presented in the Explorer may not necessarily reflect the opinions or policies of the students, faculty, administrators, or Board of Education for the Hudson City Schools. Signed columns or reviews represent only the opinion of the author. Those wishing to write an editorial column or letter to the editors must keep it under 300 words and submit it with name, grade, and e-mail address. All articles must contain that information, but a request for anonymity can be made. The Explorer will remove the name if the editorial board thinks the content of the article could pose a substantial academic disruption for the author. Letters should be addressed to the Explorer and delivered to an editor, adviser, or the main office. They can also be e-mailed to or 

     The reporters of the Explorer will strive to be honest, fair, and objective in gathering, reporting, and interpreting all information that is published in the paper. The Explorer will avoid any practice that might compromise its objectivity or fairness. The Explorer will publish only legally protected speech following the legal definitions of libel, obscenity, invasion of privacy, and copyright infringement as outlined in Law of the Student Press. The staff will also refrain from stories that create a “material and substantial” disruption of school activities as defined in the Tinker v. Des Moines Supreme Court Case.


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