Children’s play ‘Happily Forever After’ strikes chord with community, kids

Kate Greer, Editor in Chief

Kate Greer/The Explorer

From the left, Prince Helpful (Ben Lindner), Prince Generous (Ben Stevenot) and Prince Charming (Andrew Klemm) are mortified upon hearing that the princess of Wychwood-under-Ooze has been kidnapped by a hideous beast with snarly fangs, pointy ears and breath that smells like a three-day-old burrito.

  Not even snow, wind and freezing temperatures could keep theatergoers away from the high school auditorium on evenings of Feb. 12 and Feb. 13. The turnout for the HHS Drama Club’s annual children’s play “Happily Forever After” was surprisingly strong, despite the winter weather. This year’s show was a crowd-pleaser, stocked with famous fairy tale characters, lots of laughs for adults and kids alike and even a live studio orchestra.

  For the cast and crew, opening night is always exciting. This year we felt confident and ready to put on a show, as our lack of snow days hadn’t cancelled any practices during rehearsal months. Every participant, from those with no previous stage experience to drama club veterans, felt that weeks of running lines, hanging microphones, pointing lights, designing programs and finding costumes was rewarded great two nights of killer audiences and camaraderie.

  In this storybook spinoff set in the kingdom of Wychwood-under-Ooze, the three princesses, Cinderella, Snow White and Goldilocks, played respectively by Grace Myers (sophomore), Helena Norman (freshman) and Kelsey Lowman (sophomore), are married to their princes and living a little too happily ever after. Prince Charming (sophomore Andrew Klemm) agrees with every little thing Snow White says, Prince Helpful (sophomore Ben Lindner) won’t let Goldilocks do anything for herself and Prince Generous (sophomore Ben Stevenot) gives Cinderella a ridiculous number of presents. When Princess Wallflower (senior Libby Karman), daughter of King Canute of Wychwood-under Ooze (senior Parker Kronen) and Queen Vanessa (senior Erica Pinto), is kidnapped by a hideous beast with “snarly fangs, pointy ears and breath that smells like a three-day-old burrito,” the princes set off on a rescue mission, leaving the princesses to experience their first normal days in years. But the plot takes a twist, as all of the characters realize that Bernard the Beast (senior Jeff Centrello) is innocent. The identity of Princess Wallflower’s real kidnapper is notorious villain Bad Bart (junior Angela Kerekes).

  Other roles include Lou the UPS Guy (sophomore Mattie Korane), Andy the sidekick (senior Jamie Verser), Marlin the zoologist (senior Leah Kessler), twin dwarves Sloppy and Spiffy (freshman Steve Greer and myself), Lady Patience (freshman Amy Grecol), Sir Patrick (sophomore Patrick Hill), Teddy the bear (freshman Julia Tomins) and Spot the gerbil (junior Morgan Fields). The show was directed by Sergio Iriarte and stage managed by sophomores Liz Fry and Becca Meyer.


2016-02-18 09:20:36