Iowa caucus reports wins, predictions for the New Hampshire primary

Lauren Gorze


Democrat and Republican candidates battled in a close race for the winning nomination in Iowa Feb 1. Hillary Clinton won by a narrow margin for the Democratic party and Ted Cruz won for the Republicans.

Used with permission/ MCT Campus


Both Republican and Democratic candidates began their race on Feb. 1 to become the United States’s presidential nominee. The first caucus of the year took place in Des Moines, Iowa. The race for both Democratic and Republican candidates was extremely close and difficult for reporters to tell before the final results were tallied. The primary was won by Hillary Clinton on the Democratic side after a coin toss was performed to decide a winner between Clinton and Bernie Sanders with a percentage of 49.9. On the Republican side, Ted Cruz ended up taking the win, followed closely by Donald Trump with 27.6 percent.  The  day following the caucus, Republican candidates Rand Paul and Rick Santorum decided to end their race to the White House, along with Democratic candidate, Martin O’Malley. The New Hampshire primary will take place on Feb. 8. 


2016-02-08 10:24:54