New Barbie dolls promote healthy, diverse body images

Berit Elderton


Used with permission/MCT Campus/Handout


The new, diverse Barbie Dolls show that all body types are beautiful. The new line will appear in stores beginning March 1.


“Girls and women don't come in one shape, and now, finally, Barbie won't either.”

  CNN released this statement with their article announcing Mattel’s debut of a new line of diverse Barbie dolls Jan. 28. Set to release in stages, the brand’s new line contains 33 dolls in total. Once limited to slender, medium-height “Original Barbie,” young girls can now choose from four body types -- petite, curvy, tall and original. Additionally, there are seven new skin tones, 22 new eye colors and 24 new hairstyles including pixie cuts and dyed hair. The drastic changes are  "by far the most dramatic we've ever made," according to Michelle Chidoni, Mattel spokeswoman.

  The revolutionary Barbies are an attempt to combat a national epidemic of negative body-image; according to Ally Gold, junior, “In reality, not every girl is that 'perfect' and with these new Barbie dolls, they won’t think they have to [be].”

  Megan Boyda, junior, adds, “[The new dolls] show girls that it's okay to be who you are.”

  In addition to helping young girls be more confident in their bodies, the new line is an attempt to increase Mattel’s profits since the four percent decrease in sales in quarter three of 2015.

  As of March 1, the new line will be appearing in stores; the entire collection is set to be released by next year, according to Mattel.


2016-02-01 10:21:22