Favorites add pieces of happiness to life

Tina Ryu, Entertainment Editor


Spring—the season of renewal, good health and rejuvenation—has finally returned to Hudson. The coming of this season is the perfect time to revive this Favorites column. The dragged-out winter has left me craving the warm weather, and I am ready to indulge the springtime to the fullest. Here is the final compilation of favorites from yours truly.

     Beauty product: The nail polish, “Find Me and Oasis” by Essie. This mint baby blue color is a classic and is perfect for this spring. Just looking at this color is refreshing, and thankfully, the polish is long-lasting!  

     Movie: “Tale of Princess Kaguya” by Studio Ghibli. I put off this movie for almost two years, still recovering from my favorite director, Hayao Miyazaki, leaving the Studio Ghibli production crew. But—WOW—it was fantastic. The few days following my exposure to the movie (I stayed up until 2 a.m. to finish it), I found myself constantly thinking about the film and randomly tearing up from thoughts of the ending. The film has such memorable art, soundtracks, characters and cultural elements that it will seriously haunt you for days. Fans of folktales and Japanese culture must check this movie out as soon as possible.     

     Book: “A Wizard of Earthsea” by Ursula K. Le Guin and “Howl’s Moving Castle” by Diana Wynne Jones. I’ve spent these past couple weeks craving stories about magic, dragons, castles and most importantly—SOMETHING THAT WAS NOT CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE. These two coming-of-age novels had captivating character and world developments, and I was thoroughly engaged with the stories. Not only that, but the themes interwoven into the books are well crafted and remind readers of their past as they are able to connect these ideas to their own identities. “A Wizard of Earthsea” deals with the consequences of choices and the power of language, while “Howl’s Moving Castle” discusses the beauty of old age, identity and connections with family and friends. All in all, they are both fantastic reads and should definitely be picked up. 

     Game: “Journey” by ThatGameCompany. Upon finishing it, I didn’t feel the accomplishment of completing a video game; instead, I felt as if I had experienced a different aspect of life. “Journey” is short—tightly compacted with surprises, warm feelings and triumphs, it manages to captivate players in just a few minutes.    

     Snack: Sweet potato chips. Cue the angel chorus and a brightly-lit background—these chips are divine—and addicting. The sweet and salty taste this snack introduces is on a whole different level.

     Artist: Shardula. An inspiration to watercolor painters and charcoal artists everywhere, Shardula differentiates herself from all the others in the industry with her soft-toned and ethereal illustrations. Her beautiful works, along with her daily blogs, can be found on her Instagram and Tumblr pages.   

     Cafe: Scribbles. It’s a cafe, a bookstore and a music house squeezed into one place in downtown Kent. Scribbles provides a comforting, humble environment where both music and friends can be made.    

     Even if they’re small and may seem insignificant, these little pieces of life have really made a big impact on me this month. Spend your time enjoying the little moments this coming summer and savor every rush of happiness. I hope that this season will enrich all of us with even more experiences so that we can all continue trying new things and forming diverse favorites. Let’s enjoy the first warm weather of 2015 while it’s here.


2015-05-21 08:50:15