JLH:Bring out the leader in you

Anne Matecun, Reporter

 Are you a leader? Do you feel you have what it takes to be a leader? Junior Leadership Hudson is a program that can bring out the leader in anyone at Hudson High School. This program can take students that are not yet leaders, and bring the leadership skills and qualities from them over the course of the year. The group of students in this program have had multiple opportunities to explore the different skills, styles and qualities of a leader. They go to many businesses where different of entrepreneurs and successful business leaders share their experiences and advice on many different job opportunities and career paths. 



This highly selective program was created in 2008 by a group of students who felt they wanted to open the world of leadership to high school students. JLH opens the eyes ears of aspiring students wanting to  gain the skills of a leader. It also shows students how to use and apply them to life and career opportunities in their future. It is for upcoming sophomores, juniors, and seniors at Hudson High School. 

This group meets once a month. The meetings includes spending time with local leaders, company directors, engaging researchers, as well as many other experienced and successful business owners. In addition, students are introduced to numerous organizations. This program is composed of eight group members from Hudson High School and eight from Western Reserve Academy. 

Some of the highlights from events of this past year have included a conference with Sherwin Williams, a visit to Key Bank, the Cleveland Indians, a meeting with a world-renowned cancer researcher at the Cleveland Clinic, to the Akron Business Accelerator and a touring the Austen Bioinnovation Institute in Akron. Furthermore, club members and citizens of Hudson got to Cycle Into Spring with on JLH May 6th. This was a day with Century Cycle that gave bike tips and activities for riding safely. Madison Graham, a sophomore who got involved with this club just this last year, and sophomore Mitch Gray, talk about some of their experiences from being an active member in the group.

First, Graham said, “I’ve learned so much through JLH, but I don’t think it can be narrowed down to just one certain skill, but rather themes and ideas that will stay with me through my life.”

She says she would recommend this club to other students at HHS. She replied with saying, “I’ve been to other leadership programs and none had had the same philosophy. Other programs force their opinion of how one should be a leader in their [eyes]. JLH doesn’t do that. Instead, the advisors open the door and let you decide and create or combine your own personal style of a leader. The main goal is to develop aspiring students that will grow and lead the community. This goal is on a more personal level [which] is what I love about JLH.” 

Based on some of her experiences with JLH, Graham comments on some of the memorable places the group visited. 

Graham explains, “[Of all] the sessions we’ve had, it’s extremely hard to choose a favorite because they were all different and memorable in their own way. Some of the more notable trips have been the trips to Sherwin Williams headquarters in Cleveland, and when we got to see the House of Representatives and the Supreme Court in action while touring the State House. Most of all, I loved going to the Cleveland Clinic because of all the technological advances that the public doesn’t get to see like the vaccine for breast cancer and the bio robotics lab in the hospital.”

Next, Gray said, “One skill that I’ve taken most from my experiences from JLH is  that what seemed the most important characteristic in a successful entrepreneur, is determination. As we met with many entrepreneurs who were at various stages in their careers, they all had an overwhelming determination to succeed. It was this self-motivating, excellence-striving drive that brought them to success. I would definitely recommend this program, as it does a fantastic job of showing different career opportunities and entrepreneurs. Also, the journey in which they took to bring them to success. The opportunities given through this program are fantastic. A memorable moment was meeting the doctor who is currently conducting ground-breaking research in the field of breast cancer prevention. All of these opportunities this past year gave a diverse spectrum and a great perspective on different  jobs and fields available. In addition to how leadership qualities are important in not just those but in any job.”

Junior Leadership Hudson is an amazing opportunity for those striving for leadership, he says. The students in the program were praised were even represented on the floor of the House of Representatives for their outstanding work they’ve accomplished.

If you are a student wanting to expand your leadership horizon and look to become more involved with the community, join Junior Leadership Hudson! Applications will be found in the main office next fall. It is around the same time when the Leadership Conference forms will be available too. This program accepts eight students from Hudson.


2015-05-21 08:46:56