Moving on to make more memories

Daniel Fetsko, Reporter

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One moment you’re walking through the doors for the first time, then you blink and you’re walking out of them for the last. Four years pass in an instant, from being an awkward 14-year-old freshman to a mature, graduating senior. High school manages to hand out a million life lessons that stick with us for eternity, all in such a short time; and to you freshman who think, “Oh I’ve got three whole years left,” those years go by so fast. 

Make memories. If you can honestly get nothing else out of four years here, just make memories that will last a lifetime. For me, nothing will ever beat playing soccer out on the field under the lights, feeling the support of the crowd (on the rare occasion that it decided to show up) and finding a family with 19 other guys, a true family: there is no better feeling to have. I could not have asked for a better senior season, which has translated to a phenomenal senior year, with the continued hope that we can repeat that feeling of unity on the baseball diamond this spring. 

But high school memories aren’t all about sports. Teachers, friends, life coaches (a.k.a. Joe Schuch), they all become such an integral part of daily life that they leave a lasting impression—especially friends. Be nice to people, make friends and most importantly, keep those friends. Nobody can make it happily through high school without a little help, and friends are the first place you turn to when you need help. 

However, to pick one lesson that is most important to realize in high school, look ahead. There is no point in dwelling on the past, or even the present – leave the reminiscing for when you’re a grandparent and you have nothing else to do. For now, look to the future; a vast majority of your life lies ahead of you, and each year, each week, each minute is just a building block to the next. By all means, enjoy every second of life in the present, but keep your eye on the prize—live for the future. 

In a few short months, we will be leaving this town behind, off to new people, new places, new experiences. I will spend the next four years 400 miles from home, at Villanova University; it sounds so far away, a quantification of the bitter-sweet reality that college represents. 

As fantastic as high school seems now, in the end, it is so inconsequential compared to life as a whole. Enjoy it now while you can.


2015-05-21 08:44:25