After four years:

Eddie Kerekes, Sports Editor

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ith senior year coming to a close, I am called upon to write a reflection of my time here at HHS. Now, I don’t know about you, my favorite part of the newspaper is the Top 10 list on the fun page. It’s quick to read, it’s comical and it’s easy to find. And be honest with yourself, how much of this paper do you actually read? One article, maybe two? So instead of writing a long, tearful reflection, I’m going to offer an alternative. Inspired by colleges that give these lists to freshmen, here’s a list of the 20 things to do before graduating from HHS, presented with commentary from yours truly. 

20 Things That You Must Do Before Graduation

Check out a classroom in the basement. Have you ever been down there? It’s a part of HHS few people go.

Check out a book from the library. Wait, there are books in the library? I know books are out of style, but this is a great way to show your hipster side.

Buy something from Sweet Sensations. A great café and all the proceeds help HHS’s special ed program. It’s in the basement, so this also checks off No. 1.

Go to a school production. And not just the musical  either. There are two other plays where the cast and crew work just as hard.

Eat a cookie, and then complain about it. It’s a HHS rite of passage.

Read that one comic on the wall. You know the one near the C-wing. Stop and try to read it.

Attend a school board meeting. Are they entertaining? No, but it gives you a chance to see Phil Herman in person, and you can stay informed about school happenings.

Ride in the elevator—but only once. How cool is it that HHS has its own elevator? Find a friend with crutches and ride with him or her. Warning: it’s really scary.

Talk to a custodian. They’re people too, and they  never get enough recognition from the students they serve.

Eat lunch outside. Enjoy that one week of warmth to  the fullest!

Pull an all-nighter. That way when you get to college, people won’t look at you funnily when you say you haven’t.

Fall asleep during class. As long as you’re not in a strict teacher’s class, do it. Everyone deserves a nap. 

Create a poster and hang it up. Ever wonder who puts the posters up? Just normal students! 

Crash a random club meeting. I suggest Asian Awareness; they always have food. 

Take a selfie with Thor. The best way to show school pride on Instagram. #HHS

Get 100 percent on a quiz. It doesn’t matter if it’s a two-question quiz. Ace it! You’ll feel great afterwards.

Do a freshman U-Turn. That’s where you completely turn around in a hallway because you had no idea where you were going. Extra points if done in the basement.

Lie on the turf field. It’s pretty soft. Nice place to nap.

Give blood. Great way to miss that class you don’t like. And help people. 

Go to a sporting event that’s not football or basketball. Those athletes work hard too, and there are very few students who support them. 


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