Shortstop Stuursma bids farewell

Kasey Thom


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Kasey Thom



Jacob Stuursma, starting shortstop for the baseball team, is ready to make his final season a homerun. Since he was five years old, Stuursma has had a mitt on his hand and a cap on his head. In his Hudson High School career, Stuursma has earned three varsity letters, as well as one varsity letter his freshman year at Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy. On top of that, Stuursma helped lead his team to a district final win over powerhouse Walsh Jesuit last year and earned himself an NOC Honorable Mention. As Stuursma reflects on the past four years of both baseball and high school, he looks forward to a promising future.

 How did you get started playing baseball?

My dad played baseball up through college, so his influence had an impact on me, and he got me started at a young age.

Why do you like baseball more than other sports?

I’ve always grown up playing baseball, so it has always [...] been my favorite sport. I kind of like the calmness and the thinking to the sport, rather than the intensity of other sports.

What has baseball taught you?

Baseball has taught me a lot. First, baseball teaches you that your mistakes and your failures help you to succeed in the future because baseball is a sport where you fail a lot. If you get three hits in 10 at-bats, you’re doing a great job and that’s something that’s hard to face, but the reality is that you have to learn from those failures and be able to move on.

In the past four years, who have you looked up to as a role model on the field?

Well, the seniors have had a huge impact on me from last year. Guys like Daniel Joseph, who played infield with me; Nanak Saran, who kind of took me under his wing when I was a sophomore; Kevin Zullo, Joey Cahill, all those guys just did a great job kind of pushing myself and the other juniors along so that we were up to the same speed as they were so that we could be as successful as possible that year.

What are a few of your favorite baseball memories?

That Walsh game in the district finals game [2014] was awesome because we went in as underdogs, so that was a really great game to win and a couple of those guys on the other team were from Hudson, so there was a little smack talking going on before the game and during the game, so that was a really fun one to win.

What else are you involved in outside of baseball?

This year was my first year playing football, and I had a great experience with that. It was a lot of fun, I really enjoyed playing with those guys. I also am involved in National Honor Society, which I have been in since my junior year, and I enjoy the volunteer aspect of that and being able to give back  to other people.

Tell me about your family.

I have two sisters. One is Emily, and she goes to Miami [University] of Ohio. She’s a junior this year, and she is studying to be a teacher. I have a younger sister, who is a freshman this year named Cali. Cali is a soccer player and very smart. I have a mom and a dad— Ken and Laurie. Ken played baseball and [...] football in high school, and my mom was a soccer player in high school. I have a dog named Rookie.

Have you decided on where you are going to college? Do you plan to play baseball in college?

I am attending Miami [University] of Ohio. I may chose to walk on, but right now I am focusing more on school, and I will not be playing baseball in college.

What are a few of your favorite subjects in school?
I really like math. My projected major is business because I really like working with numbers. I’ve also liked science.

Who are some of your favorite teachers and why?

I loved Mrs. [Nora] Faul, she was a great teacher for many reasons: she always kept the class fun and interesting, and she was very gracious. My favorite teacher at Hudson High School had to be Mr. [Mark] Cuva because he was able to teach the material while still having a good time with you and he was able to connect with high school kids.


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