Brown retires after 35 years

Anu Sharma, Reporter


Allison Cook/The Explorer    

     Many know Jeff Brown as the math teacher. Or they may know him as the baseball and softball coach. Even though some students may think he’s hard on them, most know he means well.  He’s been teaching for 35 years, and taught all the basic math courses except geometry.

     When did you decide you wanted to become a teacher?
     I went to college for baseball. I was a chem major but traveled around a lot, and it hurt my grade.

     What classes have you taught?
     Oh, I’ve taught a lot, the basics.

     What do you teach now?
     I teach College Algebra and Honors Algebra II.

     What are you going to do when you retire?
     I’m going to spend more time with my family and travel.

     How often do you see your family?
     Not very often, though I hope to after I retire know taking family trips.

     Do you have any advice to Hudson students?
     Give your best: commitment, hard work, positive attitude. All I can say is that if you give me your best, that’s all I can expect.

     What will you miss most about Hudson High?
     My colleagues. We all have a good laugh and our pot luck dinners. The students.

     You’ve done some coaching here at Hudson as well?
     Yes, I’ve coached baseball and softball.

     What will you miss about teaching?
     The students and all the athletes I’ve worked with along the years.

     What’s your favorite memory here at HHS?
     Coaching softball. [One year] we went to state finals, we made it to the playoffs. It was an incredible year. I went from coaching baseball to softball and part of that reason was because of my daughters.

     Did that ever get awkward? Coaching your daughters?
     No, they always played at a high level; I always coached them off-season, and they knew what was expected of me.

     What advice do you have for anyone pursuing a teaching career?
     I’ll tell you what, teaching has changed so much; it’s so much more demanding to the point where the job is dependent on the students’ success. There’s so much more paperwork.

     Do you have a certain quotation or phrase you say that students know you by?
     I have a poster that says, “Your IQ is more important than your I will.”  


2015-05-19 10:46:01