Let’s take a road trip: The top 10 places to vacation for summer 2015

Mo Van De Motter, Reporter


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The Liberty Bell is a trademark for America’s independence. Located in Independence National Historical Park in Philadelphia, the bell brings a multitude of tourists each year. 

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Music fans take in a late-night fireworks show at Rock in Rio in Las Vegas on May 9. 

Have you made your summer plans? In a survey conducted by “The Explorer,” 74.1 percent of HHS students answered yes. Among the most popular locations, Texas, NYC and Myrtle Beach made a significant number of appearances. However, according to Forbes, these are the top 10 most visited cities in the U.S. based on their annual amount of visitors.


No.10: San Diego, Calif.
29,600,000 visitors
With attractions like the San Diego Zoo, SeaWorld and a variety of tours, it’s not a surprise to see San Diego on the list. A diverse mix of cultures provide the city with a variety of food. Because of its history with Mexico, an exceptionally large range of Mexican restaurants are open for business. Visit the San Diego Zoo, where the first panda in the Western hemisphere was born.
No.9: Philadelphia, Penn.
30,320,000 visitors
A historical treasure trove, Philadelphia takes its place at No. nine. Visit the Liberty Bell, a multitude of museums and Independence Hall. The city has great cuisine and is especially famous for the Philly cheesesteak. Take a look at Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independence was signed. Consider visiting the City of Brotherly Love this summer.
No.8: Houston, Texas
31,060,000 visitors
Another hotspot for museums, Houston makes the list. Take a look around the Houston Zoo, Space Center and the Museum of Fine Arts. Tex-Mex is a popular style of food in this city whose name was spoken on the moon.
No.7: Atlanta, Ga.
35,400,000 visitors
Atlanta stands at No. seven with the Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta Botanical Garden, Centennial Olympic Park and the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site. Home to a number of famous chefs, Atlanta’s southern style is well known. Visit the city that was home to two Nobel Peace Prize winners.
No.6: Las Vegas, NV
36,351,469 visitors
It doesn’t come as a surprise for Las Vegas to come in at No. six with the Las Vegas Strip and Freemont Street. The city also has plenty of Cuban restaurants. Visit this city that was once a barren desert, but is now full of life.
No.5: Miami, Fla.
38,100,000 visitors
Miami takes No. five with its multitude of attractions. Visit the Miami Aquarium, Miami Zoo, parks and art museums. The city’s famed Cuban cuisine is worth the trip. Take a look at the city named for the Mayaimis, a Native American tribe. 
No.4 :Anaheim/Orange County, Calif.
42,700,000 visitors
With Disneyland as its center of tourism, Anaheim/Orange County takes its place on the list at No. four. The many cultures provide an international cuisine. Take a trip to the home of Disneyland since 1955.
No.3: Chicago, Ill
45,580,000 visitors
Chicago’s fame for its artistic culture and bold architecture places it into the top three most visited cities. The Brookfield Zoo, variety of museums and Chicago Theatre are essential to the list of attractions. Take a bite of the famous Chicago style pizza and hotdog. Visit the city of the nation's first skyscraper.
No.2: New York City, New York
47 million visitors
The list goes on for the multitude of places to visit in NYC. The Empire State Building, Central Park, Statue of Liberty, Times Square and more make the city second on the list.Try the famed New York cheesecake, New York style pizza and well known street food. Take a trip to the city that  once served as the nation›s capital in the 1780s.
No.1: Orlando, Fla.
48 million visitors
Disney World, SeaWorld, multiple museums and science centers land Orlando at the top spot on the list. Visit Universal Studios, Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom and all the other fun and family friendly parts of the most visited city in the U.S. Take a taste of the multiple seafood, Asian and other international restaurants' dishes.Take a trip to the city that has provided Disney World a home since  1971.
     To those of you who have yet to find a good vacation spot, hopefully this list has sparked an idea or two.


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