Prime Time for International Adventures: These nine global powerhouses are the places to be for college graduates

Kate Greer, Entertainment Editor


Used with permission/Instagram/magnusnoxlouixe

The island city of Singapore lights up at night. Singapore is also a small country of its own right off the coast Malaysia.

    First order of business to clarify: living in cities is expensive. Imagine you’re a former student who has recently finished college with a degree in something pretty useful. Does it seem rather strange to you that your fellow, broke graduate friends are flocking to cities in America and around the world? Doesn’t renting an apartment in New York, Chicago or San Francisco cost like a million dollars a month? Well, you’re not too far off, but despite the high cost of living quarters, hordes of young adults know that the urban world is the place to be for new college graduates. Their reasons for migrating to the land of skyscrapers and subways number far beyond that fact that accommodations are on the pricey side.

    Cities are a great living option for fledgling graduates new to the workforce because of the active environment, cultural boom and, of course, job opportunities. We all know that there are some really awesome metropolises in the United States: Los Angeles, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Washington D.C.  ‒ the list goes on. Now, in order to open readers up to the international scene, here are nine incredible, bustling cities where enthusiastic, young graduates may also find the kind of atmosphere they’re looking for.

1 Toronto, Canada ‒ One hour by plane and five hours by automobile from Cleveland, Toronto hardly seems international. In fact, it’s almost Ohio, right? Wrong. This cultural boom town on Lake Ontario is big, trendy and spectacularly diverse, housing multiple worldly festivals, Greektown, Little India and six Chinatowns. The economy is centered around jobs in finance, manufacturing, media and tourism, while several new developments for affordable housing have taken hold, making Toronto a great international option.

2 Singapore, Singapore ‒ Two words come to mind at the mentioning of Singapore: crazy laws. In a land where chewing gum is illegal and strolling around your own apartment naked is considered porn, are there any redeeming qualities? I would say absolutely. Singapore is attractive to college graduates because it is modern and intellectual. The laws may seem strict, but they keep the island safe and squeaky clean. The economy in Singapore thrives and the variety of ethnicities contributes to the city’s international feel.

3 London, United Kingdom ‒ What would a list of cities be without this one? Though definitely not on the cheap side, London attracts workers and students alike from every part of the world. It is considered by many to be, quite simply, the best city on earth. With a sensational system of public transportation and robust economy centered around international business and tourism, this British capital is a “brilliant” choice for those fresh out of school and looking for a big city adventure.

4 Cape Town, South Africa ‒ Things have begun to look up in South Africa since the days of apartheid and “Cry, The Beloved Country,” that is, if you’re on the safer west coast. A hidden gem on the Cape of Good Hope, Cape Town boasts South Africa’s best housing, healthcare and job opportunities in areas such as finance and real estate. Crime rates are low, and beaches are beautiful in this city that sits at the base of a plateau called Table Mountain. Cape Town is for anyone who loves an urban atmosphere combined with majestic nature.

5 Frankfurt, Germany ‒ When World War II was over, and it was time for Germany to rebuild, Frankfurt on the Main River was the only city that decided it wanted a real, contemporary skyline. Now in the 21st century, this German hotspot is a captivating mixture of futuristic skyscrapers and charming half-timber houses, in the old district. Frankfurt prospers from banking and the power of German engineering, while opening its doors to American businesses and welcoming workers from all parts of the world to “Mainhattan.”

6   Hong Kong, China ‒ Characterized by intense urbanization and bright city lights, this Asian island, though technically  part of the People’s Republic of China, is officially known as a “special administrative region.” As recent pushes for green movements and democratic reforms have made headlines around the globe, Hong Kong’s booming economy and safe streets have also drawn international attention. This emerging city is an excellent option for recent graduates looking for spirit and diversity on the other side of the world.

7 Sydney, Australia ‒ Work, surf and listen to opera in the country of poisonous animals and cool accents. Forty two Wallaby Way awaits in Sydney, a laidback powerhouse of art and music, where the ocean seems to be everywhere and the people are famously friendly. This city has one of the biggest economies in the southern hemisphere, with jobs open in trading, manufacturing and retail for workers fresh out of college. For a change in culture and climate, Sydney is a great match for those looking to experience “the land down under.”

8 Taipei, Taiwan ‒ This entire island is exceedingly flat, so naturally it is the opportune location for one of the tallest buildings in the world! The Taipei 101 is easily Taiwan’s most recognizable landmark, but it is certainly not all this country has to offer. Taipei is a global city, a political, economic and cultural capital, filled with ancient temples, colonial avenues, modern buildings and crowded commercial zones. Business and technology are the major markets here, and foreigners can expect to be pleasantly surprised by the unique culture.

Prague, Czech Republic ‒ “The City of 100 Spires” shakes this list up a bit as the purely classical capital of an Eastern European nation, filled with red roofs and rich history. Gothic churches and Baroque bridges still stand in Prague after several centuries and two world wars. This kind of city feel is completely different from the modernity of Singapore and diversity of London, but the open-minded college graduates may find themselves progressing in this timeless environment.


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