Weigel tackles way to college

Lauren Gorze, Reporter

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Far left: Weigel carries the ball during a rugby game earlier this season. She will be attending Harvard University and playing rugby. 

Above: Weigel enjoys her senior year at Hudson.


Used with permission/Ken Klemencic


     Senior Caitlin Weigel rounds the turn of her last year of high school, along with her last year of playing rugby for the Hudson team. She has played rugby for three years and enjoys its quality of being universal for anyone of any shape and size. 

     As Weigel is close to finishing her last year of high school rugby, she states that the sport in general has caused her to become a stronger person with higher goals to achieve. Not only has rugby contributed to her strong will, but Weigel admits that her participation in swimming is what really taught her that without pain, there is no gain.  

     “Swimming really taught me that the pain was worth it in the end, but I’m definitely proud of my bruises from rugby,” states Weigel. 

     Not only has Weigel gained personal experience from playing rugby, but now she has hit the high mark and will be attending Harvard University in the fall, playing Division One rugby for the school. While looking forward to attending Harvard, Weigel reflects back on the memories she has created with her team in the last few years. Last year, the Hudson rugby team won the state semi-finals against Lakewood in the last 30 seconds. 

     According to Weigel, the win was “really awesome.” 

     Weigel also claims that sports in general have caused high school to be a more memorable experience. Along with reflecting on moments such as the rugby’s team win against Lakewood, Weigel states that “all of [my] best memories are from [my] sports teams. It’s what [I’m] going to miss most about high school.” 

     While Weigel looks forward to going to college and playing rugby for a nationally ranked school, she is going to miss the team and her coaches. She states that the team keeps getting better and wishes she could experience how far they go in the future years. The final goal that Weigel has set for herself and the team in her last high school rugby season is to win the state championship. 


2015-05-19 08:31:25