Gough Reminisces on senior year

Alyssa Brest


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Senior Ashley Gough is found by the senior courtyard after attending Service Learning and their discussion about important issues, such as gender stereotypes.

“Being a student at Hudson High School has been great!” says senior Ashley Gough, who been a resident of Hudson her entire life. Gough is an active member on the softball and basketball team and a student in Service Learning. Gough shares her insight about her time as a student in the Hudson area and her life as a whole.
What sports do you play, and how did you get into the sport?
I have played both basketball and softball for the school the past four years, and I played for the soccer team my freshman and sophomore year. I mimicked a lot of the things my older sister Kelly did, so for the most part, I got into my sports based off of what Kelly played.
How long have you been playing your sport?
I started playing basketball in seventh grade and kept it going through high school. As far as softball goes, I started off with T-ball and played for a couple years, and then decided to stop. But, once high school started and after watching some of Kelly’s games, I decided to try out, and have been playing for the past four years.
How have you contributed to the sport?
Throughout high school I have been compared to Kelly, which has been tough at times but also made me work harder to become a competitive player like her. Kelly might have won three “Ray Heiser” awards, but I have won three participation awards. I don’t know if I’ve done a lot for the sports, but I can guarantee I at least showed up.
Are you a part of any other activities?
I used be a part of a jump-roping team, but within the past year my schedule has gotten crazy, and I didn’t have to time needed to improve my jump-roping skills let alone showing up for a two hour practice a couple times a week over an hour away. But, I still enjoy doing tricks and jump roping for fun. In fact, I was asked to prom by a group of Service Learning students jump roping that led me to a sign saying, “I’d jump with joy if you’d go to prom with me!” Another activity that I am a part of is Service Learning, and I have grown so much from the program, making me a better, diverse individual. That’s one of the many things I love about Service Learning.
Do you have any role models that have impacted your life?
My family as a whole has helped develop myself into the person I am. I don’t know if I turned out okay, but I can at least give credit to them it.
How have your coaches/teachers/adults contributed to your success?
If it weren’t for my coaches and teachers let alone my peers, I don’t think I would be the same person I am today if it weren’t for them.
How have your teammates/classmates/friends contributed to your success?
One of my favorite parts about playing a sport is meeting and playing with my teammates. My friends and teammates just simply make me a happier person, and I can guarantee my family at least appreciates that. They prefer the happy Ashley rather than the moody one.
What is one of your favorite music genres?
My music style varies from country to modern pop. It really just depends on my mood and whatever I am feeling like that day.
What do you do in your free time with friends?
Really the same things everyone else does; from eating and grabbing a drink at Starbucks to playing sports and just enjoying each other’s company.


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