Presidential candidates gear up for 2016 election

Caleigh Harris, Web Editor


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Hector Casanova illustrates the Democrat donkey fighting it out with the Republican elephant.

The 2016 Presidential elections are still a far 18 months away, but potential nominees have already started gearing up for their hopeful win. Although a great deal of students currently are minors and don’t have the right to vote yet, in a year and a half that will be very different; the issues may not affect us now, but the early bird catches the worm, so here’s a quick break-down of the facts–– as of press time. 


     Hillary Clinton: Clinton held the position of Secretary of State from 2009-13 and was the first female senator in the state of New York from 2001-09. Additionally, she has already called 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. her home as a First Lady, when husband Bill Clinton served as Commander-in-Chief. She announced her campaign in a video called “Getting Started” released April 12; the video centers around diverse, working America, depicting people of all races, ethnicities, ages and sexual orientations. According to Joe Peyronnin of “The Huffington Post,” Clinton will focus mainly on “stagnant wages and income inequality.” Clinton’s video highlights these motives as she declared, “Americans have fought their way back from tough economic times, but the deck is still stacked in favor of those at the top.”

     Bernie Sanders: Sanders has represented Vermont as an Independent in the House and Senate for close to 25 years, according to “Newsweek”, making him the third Socialist ever elected in Congress. He announced his candidacy on May 3 and in a short press conference he claimed, “This country today has more serious crises than at any time since the Great Depression of the 1930s. For most Americans, their reality is they’re working longer hours for lower wages. In inflation-adjusted income, they’re earning less money than they used to years ago despite a huge increase in technology and productivity.” Sanders aims to restore the middle class through initiatives such as real tax reform, health care as a right for all and making college affordable for all, according to He is also a big proponent for veterans’ health and shares some conservative views toward the government’s infringement on privacy.

     Possible Candidates: According to, Joe Biden, Lincoln Chafee, Andrew Cuomo, Kirsten Gillibrand, Amy Klobuchar, Martin O’Malley, Brian Schweitzer, Mark Warner, Elizabeth Warren and Jim Webb are all considering.


     Ben Carson: Carson is a professor of neurosurgery, oncology, plastic surgery and pediatrics at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. He believes that accepting a minimum wage job is more important to the American people than living off of food stamps and believes that if the country runs a true free-market economy, plenty of jobs will be available, according to Carson states that Affirmative Action is implemented to help the underdogs, and in today’s day and age, the underdog is not determined by one’s race but rather their life circumstance; as for other social issues, he takes on the traditional conservative beliefs.
     Ted Cruz: Cruz has held the position of Texas Senator since 2013. He is also the youngest Solicitor General in the nation  and first Hispanic Solicitor General in Texas. Cruz announced his campaign at a seminar at Liberty University on March 23. He greatly appeals to Evangelical Christian voters and yearns to rebuild the Tea Party Coalition. Nick Corasantini of “The New York Times” writes, “His speech was packed with calls to ‘imagine a president’ who would repeal the Affordable Care Act, abolish the Internal Revenue Service, ‘defend the sanctity of human life and uphold the sacrament of marriage.’” Cruz plans on abolishing Internal Revenue Services and denies the climate change debate.

     Carly Fiorina: Fiorina was the first woman to lead a Fortune 50 business as CEO of HP and has since been a huge philanthropist. She announced her presidential bid May 4, becoming the first official female Republican nominee. In terms of education, Fiorina believes that national standards should be set, but the control ultimately lies within the districts, and she agrees with the No Child Left Behind initiative, according to She thinks gun ownership is an essential right and that assault weapons should not be banned. Along with most Republicans, Fiorina would like to see the Affordable Care Act repealed.

     Mike Huckabee: Huckabee served as governor of Arkansas from 1996-2007 and was named one of the “Public Officials of the Year” by Governing magazine in 2005. On, he states, “Let’s put American workers back to work, build our economy and restore our nation’s security with American-made, homegrown energy.”  Huckabee strongly advocates the exploitation of all forms of energy domestically available to the US and believes that will help the economy flourish. He is a promoter of human life beginning at conception, the Second Amendment rights and sanctity of family values.

     Rand Paul: Paul is currently the senator of Kentucky and has held that position since 2011. On April 7, he announced on his website that he will be running for the 2016 ticket ballot. Paul is a huge proponent for liberty and acclaims, “I am running for president to return our country to the principles of liberty and limited government.” One of the greatest issues Paul stands for is limiting the nation’s budget and lowering the debt. He plans on enacting the Balanced Budget Amendment–– which has been in place in 48 states–– on a federal level, according to He is strongly in support of securing the American border and encouraging a legal immigration process. Paul addresses many issues and changes that he plans on acting on if elected president and attaches a video on his website along with the majority of issues.
     Marco Rubio: Rubio has been the senator of Florida since 2011. He is part of a group called the “Gang of Eight,” which consists of four members from each party and are deemed as the most influential political figures in helping immigration reforms. Rubio sums up his agenda concisely on his website as he declares, “If we reform our tax code, reduce regulations, control spending, modernize our immigration laws and repeal and replace ObamaCare, the American people will create millions of better-paying modern jobs.” A trademark of Rubio’s campaign is an opposition to “any and all” efforts to raise taxes, according to

   Possible Candidates: according to, Kelly Ayotte, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie,  Lindsey Graham, Nikki Haley, Bobby Jindal, John Kasich, Peter King, Susana Martinez, Mike Pence, Rick Perry, Brian Sandoval, Rick Santorum and Scott Walker are all considering running.


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