It might not be the silver screen anymore, but it sure is entertaining

Catherine Sommer, Reporter

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   “Summer lovin’, happened so fast!” “Summer lovin’, had me a blast!”Almost everyone knows these famous lines from the classic movie “Grease,” starring none other than the highly acclaimed John Travolta and Olivia Newton John. Now, times have surely changed since this movie’s release in 1978, but one thing that I can assure you hasn’t changed– is a person’s craving for a good summer flick!

     Many great titles are set to come out between the months of June and September this year! Some common titles set to play are: “Jurassic World,” a modern day take on the thriller “Jurassic Park,” “TED 2,” the sequel to a highly acclaimed comedy about a man and his teddy bear and “Sinister 2,” the second chapter to a thrilling horror story.

     There are some brand new titles popping up as well. The comedy “SPY” by Susan Cooper stars none other than the queen of comedy herself: Melissa McCarthy. Many other movies are also hitting the screen, including the next in the “Mission Impossible” series. From comedies to thrillers to romance stories, this summer is going to be full of great movies! 

Have a great summer HHS! 


2015-05-19 08:21:49