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Wildwater Kingdom, built on the shores of Geauga Lake near Aurora, Ohio, offers waterslides, a lazy river and a wave pool. Season passes cost $66 for the entire summer. 



140 characters or fewer – The warm weather is back (finally), Cedar Point is open, people are outside again and we seniors are moving on to the next phase of our lives.  


     Wildwater Kingdom (WWK) is the place to go if you want some summer fun in the sun! This water park—previously part of Geauga Lake Family Amusement Park—has it all: waterslides, lazy river, children’s play area and wave pool. Located at 1100 Squires Road in Aurora, WWK opens May 23 for the summer season.

     The waterslides are great, especially the whirlpool slide in which you drop at a 45-degree angle into a spiraling funnel. Just make sure not to fall off the tube like one of my friends did last summer. In addition to the giant spiraling funnel, there are four normal tube slides and three body slides—of which I am not a fan of because they hurt my back when I go down; however, if you’re looking for a high-speed slide, then try the body slides. Maybe you’ll like them more than I did. The four tube slides are great, if not one of my favorite attractions at WWK. 

     The wave pool is awesome for hanging out with friends and relaxing, especially if you decide to rent a tube—which are free for season-pass holders on Mondays. The lazy river is also a fantastic place to relax on days when the park isn’t too busy.


      Over the past three years, I’ve learned that July is the busiest month at the water park. Everything is overcrowded and uncomfortable. The lazy river has a line on these days and the wave pool has zero room to move around! When I am at WWK on these days, I feel as though I’m in a pe­tri dish with a few thousand other amoebas!

     I’ve been a season-pass holder since 2011 and do not regret it at all! The season pass costs $66; it is almost a joke how cheap it is. Since a normal day pass is $25, you only need to use the season pass three times before it becomes the better deal; trust me you will go much more than three times, especially with all the perks that come with the pass.

     Season-pass holders receive many perks that day-pass holders don’t. For instance, we get free parking every time we come, 30-minute early entry to the park and discounts on the overpriced food. Along with the season pass, you receive a coupon book, which includes perks like allowing you to bring a friend for free or half price.

     WWK is a subsidiary of the Cedar Fair Co., so if you love to go to both WWK and Cedar Point often, you can buy a platinum pass for $200. This pass also works at any amusement park owned by the Cedar Fair Co.—which is 14 parks across the country including Kings Island in Mason, Ohio.

     WWK is a great deal as a season pass holder and great place to spend your summer when you’re not working. Overall, I give it an 8.5/10 rating.



     Since I am graduating next week, I will leave the fate of this column and Tweets to the next reporter to continue its legacy of what’s popular and who’s saying what on Twitter. I have had a wonderful time writing this column and all other articles over the past four years. I have enjoyed being the layout editor with senior Hannah Wright for the paper this past year and hope next year’s layout editors have just as much fun. I bid you farewell and a wonderful summer!



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