Meet LEDGES: local band talks friends, goals and music

Lyndsey Duecker

     Beginning four years ago as the band At a Loss for Words, recently renamed LEDGES, released its first song last April and has been growing since.


     LEDGES is a local band of five friends all in their 20s.  The band includes John Merkel on lead guitar, Will Hess on drums, keys and auxiliary percussion, Matt Gregory on bass and vocals, Alex Hoffman on drums and keys, and lead singer and guitarist Andy Hoffman. Andy graduated from Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy (CVCA) and earned a business degree through Grove City and Akron University. He is now a worship leader at Christ Community Chapel. Below, he discusses LEDGES. 


Why and how did the band begin?

     We [the members of the band] all really love music and we love each other like a family. I see all these guys as my brothers. We also feel comfortable being in the bar scene and we want to form relationships with the people there and interact with the crowd.


What is the band’s inspiration?

     My favorite band is From Indian Lakes and Manchester Orchestra, which gives lyrical and musical inspiration. We are inspired by things that happen in our lives, which is sometimes faith, doubt, relationships or something random. We like “keeping it real.”


What is one of the most meaningful songs to you? Why? 

     They all resonate, but I’d say “This House.” Matt Gregory wrote it. It’s poetic but honest. It goes through the five stages of grief.  


How many albums or tracks have you released?

     One EP, “Indian Summer,” which has four songs.


What are the future plans for LEDGES?

     We aren’t sure. We all work and a couple are out of state for college. But we’re going to keep playing music we’re passionate about and we hope to release a new record in the next year. 


How often do you perform? Where?

     It depends. A couple times a month and it varies between Cleveland area, Akron and random out-of-town bookings like Mansfield, Columbus and Virginia. 


When and where is the next event?

     Well, there are a lot of unsure plans. There may be one June 8 in Mansfield. Also a possible June 26 in Akron. There are multiple possibilities. One I am excited for is the Fashion Meets Music Festival in Columbus, Ohio [Sept. 5 and 6] where Young the Giant, O.A.R and Awolnation are also playing. 


Where can someone go for more info? and any form of social media under the name “Ledges music.” 


If you could go to one era and experience one event, which would you chose?


This is nerdy, but I really like science and I want to go back to the beginning of the universe and watch everything explode or however God chose to do that. That or one of Beethoven’s performances - the peak of musical writing. 


2015-05-19 08:20:24