New elects prepare for 2015-16 school year

Ellie Salsbury, Reporter

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Student Government adviser Jan Neff feels very certain that the upcoming school year promises a productive stage for Hudson High School’s Student Government, on one condition.     

    “A problem they’re [Student Government] facing is communication,” Neff identified.

 Yun Cao, new senior class vice president, engaged the reality as well. 

     “When I asked the junior class how many of their teachers don’t put on the morning announcements, almost half the room raised their hands,” he confided. “As much as class is important, we give [second period] five extra minutes for those announcements respectfully.” 

     One developing idea Cao holds is to propose the senior lounge adds a bulletin board for forms for clubs, applications and any urgent information. 

    Lisa Spaulding, advisor with Neff for Student Government, revealed how far Student Government influences the student body, most likely more than the average student would appreciate.      

  “Along with fund raising and governing school dances, football games and blood drives, the kids also help out with solving dilemmas in the school most students wouldn’t observe, like fixing the broken bathroom stall locks and refurnishing the school with new filtered water fountains.”     

 Peter Funk, upcoming senior class president, felt a negative perception around the student-driven authority.      

     “We need to create trust with the student body. I feel their perceptions of Student Government is they always don’t have the best intentions for their classmates because what we think the students want, in reality, isn’t always it,” said Funk.

 Funk believes Student Government’s mission in the 2015-2016 school year is to remind the students of Hudson High that only their opinions matter, not the representatives’.      

     Along with Funk and Cao’s election as class officers during the student elections in late April, chosen for upcoming junior class president was Connor Neifert, as well as Nick Matolka for vice president.

    The upcoming sophomore class voted for Katelyn Sobczak as president and Grace Turner as vice president.     

  When asked if Student Government was to be a part of the heroin discussion, the four briefing officers shied away.      

  “We weren’t that much approached by it, but I think it’s something we should look into. One of the platforms for Student Government’s duty is to promote student safety, so I think it should be brought up,” Cao said. 

     Funk agreed, although the student-commanded council hasn’t been communicated with about this issue, he could definitely see the idea welcomed for discussion.

Class of 2016 President: Peter Funk
Class of 2017 President: Connor Neifert
Class of 2018 President: Katelyn Sobczak
Class Representatives

Class of 2016: 

Lindsey Buehl 

Matt Diener 

Molly Killeen

Chris Kim

Danny Kim

Nicole Lehman

Audrey Moeglin

Laura Pinover

Rachel Rafferty

Erin Torrence

Class of 2015:

Kate Gerling  

Madison Graham

Junee Grewal

Natalie Gundling

Taejun Kim

Gloria Tie

Macy Trattner

Adeline Wickerham

Class of 2014:

Mary Allerton 

Anna Berger 

Alex Dyer

Jenny Gan 

Nick Hakes

Angela Liu

Kelsey Lowman

Feyza Mutlu

Grace Myers

Nick Sandone


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