‘Unfriended’ terrorizes 21st century teens with social media

Eddie Kerekes, Sports Editor


 Used with Permission/Handout/MCT Campus


Blaire (Shelley Hennig) and Mitch (Moses Storm) are terrified that the end is near in Universal Pictures’ “Unfriended.”

Imagine someone has unlimited access to your computer. They can see every message you send, every tab you open, every song you hear and every picture you take. Sounds horrifying, right? 

    In “Unfriended,” a new horror movie released in April, this nightmare plays out when Blaire (Shelley Henning) is on a Skype call with her friends Val (Courtney Halverson), Adam (Will Peltz), Jess (Renee Olstead), Ken (Jacob Wysocki) and her boyfriend Mitch (Moses Jacob Storm).

    The movie’s plot is similar to many other teen horror films: a ghost, in this case Laura Barnes (Heather Sossaman), comes back to avenge its death by killing the ones responsible. Laura committed suicide after a video of her was posted anonymously and she was incessantly cyber-bullied. To make this movie atypical, Laura attacks online, posting through the teens’ accounts and taking over their printers.   

    In addition to changing the way the ghost attacks, the movie twists the found footage genre of horror movie started by “The Blair Witch Project” by completely taking place on Blaire’s computer screen. After the opening logos, there are no credits. The audience immediately sees a browser screen. The so-called gimmick works really well, especially because the movie was shot in as few takes as possible. The suspense is not created via cinematography, but instead through webcam freezes. One should go see this movie just for the new perspective.

    Aside from the great webcam cinematography, “Unfriended” also has very realistic dialogue. There have been many complaints about other teen movies, mainly “Fault in Our Stars,” having precocious teen dialogue. “Unfriended” contains many profanities and slang (it is R-rated), which only add to the horror. The more realistic a movie, the more relatable the characters and the more the audience is scared for their lives. 


    If you’re looking for a new horror movie because you’re sick of slasher jump-scare filled ones, see “Unfriended.” 


2015-05-19 08:18:34