It's not 'goodbye,' it's 'see you later'

Kelsey Russo, Features Editor

     Watching my older brother walk across the stage at his graduation four years ago, all I remember thinking was, “I cannot wait to walk across that stage!” And now, here I am: four years later, ending my high school career and preparing to walk across that same stage at EJ Thomas Hall to receive my diploma. Wow, time really does fly by. 

    As anyone who knows me can tell you, or if you can already tell, I am a very sentimental person; so logically, I decided to write my last piece for “The Explorer” about my last four years here at HHS. Cue the tears and nostalgia!  

     But really, as clichéd as this seems, there is a sense of sadness and excitement that occurs as senior year comes to a close. All the memories associated with the past four years come flooding back, especially remembering all the ones created this year. Senior year especially has been filled with memories and moments I wish I could relive. From the New Dimensions New York City trip and the infamous blow-up Hulk, to late nights for the newspaper and our life chats, to the unforgettable nights spent with my closest friends, it has been a year of laughter, joy and friendship, one that I will always remember. 

     To add to these memories are the teachers I have had throughout high school that made a difference in my life. There are so many, and I want to thank you all. But to highlight one in particular, it would be Mrs. Stiffler. If I hadn’t met Mrs. Stiffler through a friend my sophomore year and signed up for Journalism I my junior year, who knows what I would be majoring in at college? She opened my eyes to the possibility of pursuing a career in the field of journalism to continue my love for writing. So I thank you, Mrs. Stiffler, for encouraging me to follow my passion and supporting me throughout this year. 

     I know I sound like I never want to leave high school, but that is not entirely true. I am thrilled to be attending the University of Georgia next year to study journalism and to begin this new chapter of my life. I think all my fellow seniors are feeling the same way—excited, sad and nervous for what is to come. But, I know we are ready for this next chapter. We have grown up in this town, in our little bubble, and we are ready to expand our horizon.

     As the class of 2015 begins this new part of life and closes the one we have been in, Hudson High School will be a place filled with memories. These four years have been building blocks for the ability to know how to spread our wings in the world around us. Many of us will still have an attachment to this high school in our quaint town we call home, but we are ready for the next chapter of life.

     As I walk across that stage at EJ Thomas Hall in a few days, probably with tears in my eyes and a huge smile across my face, I’ll be thinking of how I am not ready for this to all end yet and how I am not ready to say goodbye, so this is not goodbye, HHS; I’ll just say see you later. 


2015-05-22 10:36:37