Hudson Community First: A way to build leadership qualities through service

Jenny Gan, Reporter


Hudson Community First Youth Advisory Board is an opportunity for all students to make a difference in the school and community. Over the past three years, Hudson Community First has performed various activities such as Family Fun Night, Take a Second Make a Difference Week, Smile Day, Ready-Set-Relax, Valentine’s Day Flower Sale, Salvation Army Bell Ringing, Student-Staff Dodgeball Game, Career Panel, Intern for a Day and recycling at the high school. 

The Youth Board, which is advised by math teacher Alane Malerick, is very active in the community and open to all HHS students. In addition, Hudson Community First holds fundraisers for USO (United Service Organization), the Ubumi orphanage in Zambia and various other charities. 

Freshman representative Morgan McLaughlin describes the club as “a group dedicated to incorporate the youth of Hudson into the larger Hudson Community First organization.” 

The club meets once a month before school on Wednesdays to discuss various upcoming opportunities in which students can get involved. The Youth Board currently has 100 members, of which 75 are active. 

Freshman Feyza Mutlu, a member of the club, says, “HCF Youth Advisory Board is a great organization that promotes the young citizens of Hudson to engage in community-wide events, which helps us become a greater part of the neighborhood.”     

Community Wide Day of Service is a day, this year on May 2, where all members of the community, no matter what age, volunteer to help clean up Hudson parks and visit retirement homes. This year, at the Hudson Springs location, there were roughly 25 people helping to plant flowers, pick up trash and pull weeds. Though mainly consisting of high school students, two families with younger children did volunteer. Volunteers were given T-shirts and invited to a picnic at Veteran’s Way after. 

Junior Jessica Delapaz says that this is her second event. She picked up trash around the park and described her experience, saying, “I’m glad I came! It’s important to give back to the community.”  

Volunteers pulled weeds and helped beautify the parks with the instruction of park rangers. Additionally, participants made cards and visited local retirement homes. Community Wide Day of Service is open to people of all ages and is an opportunity for the schools and community to collaborate.

This was junior Emma Rillero’s first event. She said it was a good experience because she “likes helping the community and it was such nice weather.” 

Leah Mulligan, a junior, said, “I feel good! I got a bag full of garbage, scratched elbows and a clean park.” 

Sophomore Drew Haller says that this is his 15th event as a board member. He says he “wanted to help the community and the lives of the citizens in Hudson and make it a safe place to live.” 

Hudson Community First Youth Advisory Board and its sponsor, Hudson Community First, stress good choices and mental health.      

At the Hudson Springs Park location, Youth Board member, sophomore JT Bellin, described the Community Wide Day of Service as “a good opportunity to do service in the community” and as a “great thing we did today because we had people at all the parks around Hudson.”  

The Youth Board seeks to provide a way for students in all the Hudson schools to nurture caring and responsible students that can help them become involved in the community and develop leadership skills. 

Malerick describes the club as “a way for people of multiple generations to collaborate for the good of the school and community.”


From left, juniors Jessica Delapaz, Leah Mulligan and Emma Rillero clean up litter in Hudson Springs Park during the Community Wide Day of Service May 2. 


2015-05-19 08:13:12