Yes, I’m proud to be an Explorer!

Reid Robinson, Reporter

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     Like it was yesterday, I remember the seniors on both the lacrosse and football team preaching to us young, scrawny, pubescent freshmen to enjoy the time we had in front of us because they couldn’t believe that it was all coming to an end. For me at least, this went through one ear and out the other.
     I thought to myself: that’s what everyone says. I still have three more full years ahead of me. Looking back, I was too naïve to realize it until the countdown to graduation began and everything I’d ever known was truly coming to an end. 

     I can hardly remember anything else outside the halls of Hudson High; all my fondest memories have been made with the people who sit beside me in class and who I’ve grown to love on the field.

     Coming into the high school almost four years ago, I’ll admit I was terrified. It was a huge step up from the middle school, which I once thought was massive but now seems miniscule. I feared what most kids my age feared: the seniors. They seemed so grown-up and confident compared to the funny looking 14-year-old I now realize I was. Now we’re those seniors I once feared, and it’s honestly all too surreal. 

     My time here has been more memorable than I could have ever imagined. The memories, good and bad, have taught me so many lessons that will stick with me as I continue forward.  I consider myself so lucky to have grown up in a community like Hudson. I hope that one day, far from now, my children will look back and say the same – that they are proud of where they came from. 

     This year has been one for the books. This past season of football is something I will never forget. Playing in front of a student section like the one we had this past fall was an unmatched feeling. The school spirit this year was higher than I’ve ever seen, and it’s been so great to be a part of. Although I would give anything for just one more play in that Hudson uniform, the time I had was as ideal as it could have possibly been. Friday night lights will forever be some of the best nights of my life. For an outsider, it may be hard to understand, but for the guys who were by my side, they know exactly what I mean. Growing up, I had always wanted a brother (sorry Jena), but after playing with all the teammates I’ve made, the void has been filled better than I could have ever hoped. 

     College quickly approaching this upcoming fall brings a bittersweet feeling. It’s something we’ve all worked so hard to achieve, but I wouldn’t mind a few more weeks with this group of seniors. I have no doubt college will be the time of my life. How can I not when Mr. Zustin says every day, “You’re going to love college.”  For those who haven’t had Zustin, he literally says it every day. I can’t emphasize enough: every day. We all will move on in the next few years, but these last four years will hold a special place with us, for myself at least. 

     Outside of the classroom I have learned so much I wish I would have known earlier. So why not share it with the underclassmen now, nothing to lose. To start, never ever invite the girl to the party who make a Snapchat story documenting every step of the night.  It will bring nothing but trouble. Also, truly take the time to meet some new people in your grade and reach out a bit past your comfort zone. I know I’ve missed out on so many great people in this school, a late realization that I wish I would have had a few years earlier. 

    So now I guess the cycle is complete. I’m that senior preaching to you underclassmen to enjoy your time in this building and with all the people in it.  There is nowhere else I would have rather spent these last four years. I wouldn’t want to be anything but an Explorer. 

     To the class of 2015, we have left our legacy on this school and this community, and I couldn’t be more proud. It was a ride Hudson High, 1-5 ‘til I die. 


2015-05-19 08:13:08