What's Hot This Summer: Hot new series to premier

Madison Graham, Reporter

  With the arrival of summer comes the anticipation of what new shows will catch our attention this season. Here’s just a few that are sure to make a splash.
     In drama, “UnReal,” a new dating show on Lifetime, as well as “The Whispers” and “Stitchers,” both featured on ABC premier in June. “The Whispers,” a new take on Ray Bradbury’s “Zero Hour,” follows an alien invasion and looks at the human race’s plight against domination from unknown outside forces. The aliens involved seem to be taking control of young children and turning them against their parents, according to metacritic.com.
     Another book adaptation, also being aired on ABC, is “The Astronaut Wives Club,” based on the non-fiction work by Lily Koppel. The series follows the wives of some of the first astronauts in American history during the 1960s, according to metacritic.com. Check it out on June 18 at 8 p.m.
     More book-to-TV series include “Zoo,” based on the novel by James Patterson. This program features a world-wide pandemic where animals start planning violent attacks on mankind, reports metacritc.com. Also, “Scream,” as adapted from the 1996 film, will be showcased on MTV this summer as a new mini-series. Both shows can be seen on June 30, however “Zoo” is at 9 p.m. on CBS while “Scream” starts at 10 p.m.
     Looking for a good laugh? HBO is featuring two new comedies, both premiering on June 21. The first, “Ballers,” is centered on current and former professional football players in Miami and features big-name actors like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, among others. HBO’s second comedy this summer is “The Brink,” where the world is in fact on “the brink” of a possible World War III. The only people who could possibly stop the eventual mass destruction? The Secretary of State, played by Tim Robbins, a foreign service officer with no status, portrayed by Jack Black and a fighter pilot, Pablo Schreiber.
     Whether comedy, drama, sci-fi or anything in between, this summer is sure to be filled with a plethora of new shows, hopefully with one that everyone will like!


2015-05-19 08:11:17